• Zip cushion
You’ll need
    • Fabric
    • Cushion pad
    • Buttons
    • Zip fitting
    • Sewing machine
    • Sewing pins
    • Pinking shears
    • Iron
    1. Cut two 17cm x 27cm pieces of the same fabric and two 12cm x 27cm pieces from a different design.

    2. For the appliqué patch, trim a rectangle of fabric, 10cm x 21cm, and press each edge over by 1cm to the back, leaving one of the 21cm lengths flat and unpressed.

    3. Apply the appliqué patch centrally to one of your 12cm x 27cm pieces, lining the unpressed edge up to the right side edge.

    4. To attach the zip, press over the two edges of fabric that will meet up next to the zip by 1cm to the back. Pin your zip onto the fabric, carefully matching the material up to the edge of the zip teeth all the way down both sides.

    5. Sew the zip into place, keeping close to the teeth but making sure you catch the fabric in too.

    6. Sew the remaining two pieces of fabric together along one of the 27cm sides, with a 1cm overlap.

    7. Place the zip front fabric and the plain back fabric together, right sides facing, and sew 1cm in round all the edges in a square, catching in both ends of the zip.

    8. Turn the cushion cover the right way round through the zip, press and insert cushion padding and close the zip.