• wall picture
You’ll need


    *Toning coloured tissue

    *PVA glue

    *Coloured card

    1. Begin at one corner of the canvas and tear tissue into small pieces about 1.5cm square. Apply PVA glue to the canvas and lay tissue on top, smoothing down with a soft brush. Layer more tissue, slightly overlapping the last piece.

    2. Keep working in this way, filling the area with tissue and building up the depth of colour by adding more layers. Change the tissue colour gradually and try to avoid creating a definite line. The distinction between colours can be blurred by simply layering the lighter colour onto dark where necessary.

    3. Continue filling the canvas with layers of tissue and, when complete, apply a final layer of PVA over the whole surface to seal. Use the background as a stand alone piece of art or as a background to a contrasting paper-cut design, as we have done here.