Vintage pincushion and needlecase

Why not make a set of throw cushions or a tablecloth with this lovely and super easy technique?

  • Vintage pincushion and needlecase
You’ll need
    • Laser printed images
    • Plain white cotton
    • Berol Marvin Medium adhesive
    • Sewing kit
    1. Choose an image which can be reversed without it looking odd then copy it with a laser/toner copier – inkjet images will not work.

    2. Paste the whole image with undiluted Marvin Medium adhesive, making the coverage as even as possible. While the glue is wet, smooth white cotton fabric over the top and rub down. Let the glue soak into the fabric and after five minutes, press the layers with a warm iron to bond.

    3. Place the layers paper-side up on a flat surface. Wet with a sponge and plenty of water. Rub the surface of the paper gently with a fingertip until the fibres start to come away. Continue rubbing, taking care not to distort the bonded image.

    4. Wipe away stray paper fibres from the newly revealed image with a wet sponge and allow the fabric to dry. The panel can now be stitched through and used as a normal oilcloth type material.