Use your free gift to make our pin cushion bonus project!

Our free gift in issue 22, out on Friday 8th August, is a fab granny square kit, which can be created into a number of adorable accessories and items. We’ve given you a few ideas in the mag, and here’s our bonus project, for transforming your free gift into a vibrant, handy pin cushion.

  • Use your free gift to make our pin cushion bonus project!
    • Granny square kit
    1. Make 2 multi-coloured granny squares following instructions to the end of Round 5 in the following colour sequence:

    2. Front x 1: Round 1- Pink/Round 2 – White/Round 3 – Blue/Round 4 – White/Round 5 – Pink

    3. Back x 1: Round 1 – Blue/Round 2 – White/Round 3 – Pink/Round 4 – White/Round 5 – Blue

    4. If you used the 4ch loop method to start your granny square, thread a short length of matching yarn onto a wool needle. From WS of work, thread the needle through the base of the tr sts of Round 1. Pull gently to close the hole. Tie off and trim yarn ends.


    Place 2 squares with WS together and RS uppermost, with front square facing you. Make a slip knot onto hook with White and join to any corner space with a dc (counts as first dc). 2dc into same space, *1dc into every tr and 1dc into every 1ch, 3dc into next corner space, rep from *twice more, fill with toy filling, 1dc into every tr and 1 dc into every 1ch to close final seam (88 sts). Sl st into first dc. Cut yarn and fasten off.


    Join Blue with a sl st to the middle dc of any corner space.

    1. Round 1: *3ch, miss 2 sts, sl st into next st [3ch, miss 3 sts, sl st into next st] 4 times, 3ch, miss 2 sts, sl st into middle dc of corner, rep from * to end, sl st into first sl st. (6 3-ch loops along each side).

    2. Round 2: *sl st into next 3-ch loop, (1dc 1tr 1dc sl st) all into same loop, rep from * to end. Sl st into first sl st, cut yarn and fasten off.

    3. Finally, take a 30cm length of Pink yarn. Tie 5 or 6 knots in the centre of the yarn. Thread ends through the centre of Round 1 and out through the centre back of Round 1, leaving the knot sitting on top of the centre front square. Pull yarn ends gently to create a dimple and tie ends 5 or 6 times into a knot. Leave the knot visible on the centre back square then weave ends into work and trim.