Update a tired dining suite with Rust-Oleum crackle paint

It’s likely that you have some pine furniture poked in a corner or hidden away. We can guess that you probably look at its deep orangey varnish, slink away and sigh “oh no…” Stop right there crafter, what you’ve got in your midst is a project ripe for a spot of sprucing. Drag that pine from the corner and transform it into something you’ll be proud of. We’ve used opulent gold paint and a crackle effect to transform this run-of-the-mill suite into something unique and exciting; a real talking point for the dining room.

  • Update a tired dining suite with Rust-Oleum crackle paint
    • Pine dining table and chairs
    • Glasspaper: medium and smooth
    • Matt emulsion paint:
    • Ivory Tusk, Wilko
    • Matt emulsion paint:
    • Red Spice, Johnstones
    • Gold Metalic Paint, Rust-Oleum
    • Crackle Base Coat, Rust-Oleum
    • Crackle Top Coat, Rust-Oleum
    • Paint Brushes and Rollers
    1. Thoroughly wash and clean the table and chairs with warm soapy water and leave to dry. Lightly sand them with the medium and then smooth glasspaper to remove any polish. This will also lightly abrade the surface to provide a key for the paint. You do not have to totally remove the varnish.

    2. Paint the legs of the table and chairs with the gold metallic paint. Leave to dry overnight, then apply a second coat. Paint in the direction of the wood grain. Decide which areas of the table and chairs you wish to have the crackle effect. It is easier to choose large flat surfaces. Paint these areas with the Red Spice emulsion, working in the direction of the wood grain. This is the colour which will show through the cracks in the finished project. Leave to dry.

    3. Paint all other areas with two coats of the Ivory Tusk emulsion paint and leave to dry. Apply one fairly thick layer of the Crackle Base coat on top of the Red Spice areas in the same direction (the direction of the wood grain).

    4. Thin the Ivory Tusk emulsion paint with about 10% water. As soon as the Crackle Base coat is touch dry (about two hours), apply the thinned down emulsion to the chair tops at right angles to the previous coats. This has to be done in one pass as overworking causes it to mix with the Crackle Base and spoil the effect.

    5. Repeat on the table top using a paint roller. The crackle effect begins to form in a couple of minutes. Leave to dry overnight. Apply a coat of Crackle Top Coat varnish to the crackled areas and the other areas painted in the Ivory Tusk colour to protect the surface.