Update a tea set

This hand-detailed set is for the person who has everything. In amongst their collection of the latest gadgets, shoes and bakeware (and everything else inbetween…), you can be absolutely positive that they do not have a decorative nesting tea cup and saucer with biscuit tin, all festively embellished by your fair hand. The beauty of Uni Posca pens (the ones that are used in this project), is that they’ll glide over enamel and ceramic surfaces and no primer is required. Plus, you can even draw onto a coloured surface as the ink will retain its opacity on any shade, and the pens will even overlay each other without any risk of the colour distorting. Pretty good, huh? Here, our lovely designer has included all of her motifs as an online template, so it really couldn’t get any easier. However, do be savvy about the design – remember that the tea set nests together, so the pattern should match up, but the two elements need to work independently from one another too. Have fun!

You’ll need
    • Tea for one set, Maxwell Williams
    • Enamelware tin, Sainsbury’s
    • POSCA pens: red, metallic green, metallic red, white,gold, light pink
    1. Always make sure the surface you are working on is clean; if it’s new simply wipe over with a dry tissue, or wash in detergent and dry if old.

    2. Download the templates from, then print and transfer onto the surfaces. Alternatively, competent artists (or just those willing to have a go!) can freehand the guidelines.

    3. Apply the red bough, red heart and red robin first, and when drawing thread always draw from object upwards. The pens will retain their colours when layered over each other, so you can add detail with ease.

    4. Next, it’s time to start applying the colours – look to our key for the specific ones we used. Take time to place the pieces together as you go so you can see how it’s working. If you make a mistake simply wash the penwork off and start again.

    5. Once dry, seal the areas you have drawn onto using matt sealer or varnish. Place inside a pretty box and don’t forget to fill the tin with homemade biscuits! Try Fiona Cairns’ cookies on page 72.