Upcyle vintage photos to create a keepsake mini album

Looking through old pictures is like peering into history, through the generations and admiring the memories. If you’re like us and have hundreds of family photos stashed away, then you’ll love Corinne Bradd’s creative idea for transforming treasured snaps into something that will be admired and cherished forever.

  • Upcyle vintage photos to create a keepsake mini album
    • Old photos
    • Coloured card
    • Cream colour heavy-weight paper or vintage photo display wallets.
    1. Mount family pictures onto coloured card and trim to a uniform size; we did ours to 9cm by 14cm.

    2. Cut A4 heavy-weight paper in half, lengthways. Fold in half and cut diagonal slots in one half to act as photo corners. Alternatively, use pre-cut photo display wallets.

    3. Trim pieces of card, 4cm by 10.5cm, and glue to the back of each wallet, so 2cm protrudes from the fold. Stack the wallets together and punch two holes through all pieces of card.

    4. Bind the wallets together with a suitable ribbon and fit the mounted photos into the slots.