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Upcycle Storage Jars

Turn ordinary lidded jars into glorious crafty storage! We’ve painted the lids and applied decorative knobs, which you can pick up from charity shops and vintage stalls. Don’t they look wonderful?

  • Upcycle Storage Jars
You'll Need
    • Glass jars
    • Craft enamel, Rust-Oleum
    • Large nail, hammer and block of wood
    • Paintbrush
    • Decorative knobs

    Using a soft paintbrush, coat the lids with craft enamel paint. Leave to dry completely before giving the lids a second coat, if necessary.

    Place the lids onto a block of scrap wood. Position a large masonry nail in the centre and tap through with a hammer to make a hole. Thread the post of a decorative knob through, then tighten the nut underneath to secure.