trays into memoboards,

Turn baking trays into memoboards

There’s nothing we like more than a project that takes something dull and grey and transforms it into a pretty but practical accessory. And so we bring you the ultimate makeover, in which a standard baking tray becomes a vintage, magnetic noticeboard in minutes. Perfect for holding your notes and reminders, the sweet retro tea theme and pastel colours makes it a charming feature for your home at the same time. We think it would also make a lovely present for that friend who likes to stay organised and can’t go without their cuppa in the morning!

You’ll need:
    • 2 baking trays (different sizes)

    • Tea themed gift wrap paper

    • Floral gift wrap paper

    • PVA glue

    • Paste brush

    • Scalpel/cutting mat/metal rule

    • Multi-surface aerosol paint

    • Mounting board

    • Self adhesive magnetic tape/magnets

    • Extra fine sandpaper/dust mask

    1. Wearing a dust mask, thoroughly sand a rectangular baking tray with very fine sandpaper. Wash the tray in hot soapy water to make sure all the debris has been removed.

    2. Paint the tray with the multi-surface aerosol paint, making sure to apply in a well ventilated area. Two to three thin coats of paint are ideal. Let the paint dry between coats.

    3. Draw around the tray on paper and make a template to fit the base. Use this template to carefully cut out the tea themed or floral gift wrap. Pour PVA glue into a dish and paste the back of the paper. Lay the paper on the tray, smoothing out any air bubbles and leave to dry.

    4. Cut out four or five tea themed phrases or teacup motifs and paste them on a sheet of mounting board. Once dry, carefully cut out the motifs with a sharp scalpel.

    5. Stick the magnetic strips to the backs of the tea motifs and trim the magnetic strips neatly to fit the card.

    • Any paint suitable for metal is fine to use for this project, but multi-surface aerosol paint will give a smooth, brushless finish to the trays.

    • We’ve used magnetic strips to create large flat magnets, but if you like, you can reduce the images down and use small disc magnets to create traditional raised magnets.

    • For an alternative notice board base, using chalk paint rather than gift wrap will give a velvety finish. Check out Annie Sloan’s range at