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Turn Two Tyres Into A Patchwork Seat

Transform an old tyre or two into a comfy, vibrant seat for your home or garden. With a lick of paint and a patchwork of pretty Art Gallery Fabrics, you too can upcycle like a dream. Read on to find out exactly how to make it…

You'll Need
    • Two old car tyres
    • Patterned fabric, 25 15cm squares from
    • Quilt wadding, 60cm square
    • Foam pad, 60cm square
    • Rust-Oleum universal all surface paint
    • Rust-Oleum primer
    • Six bolts, 0.8cm x 7cm
    • Six nuts, 0.8cm
    • Drill and 0.8cm metal bit
    • 60cm square of thick plywood
    • Jigsaw and blade
    • Strong adhesive
    • Staple gun
    • Clean tyres thoroughly. Once completely dry, use a metal drill bit to make three holes in the flat side of one tyre, 5cm from the edge and at equal distances around the circumference. Place this tyre, hole side down, centrally on top of the second tyre and mark through the holes with a chalk pencil.

    • Remove the top tyre and drill holes in the second tyre at the chalk marks. Place the first tyre back on top and join the two with nuts and bolts. Place the tyre stack onto newspaper outside and spray with two coats of light coloured primer. Leave to dry.

    • Find the centre of the plywood and pin a length of string here. Make a mark along the string at 29cm and use this to make pencil marks in a circle around the centre. Cut along the marks with a jigsaw and sand away any rough edges to make a 58cm wide disc of plywood.

    • Drill three holes in the plywood, 2cm from the edge and at equal distances around the circumference. Place the disc centrally on top of the primed tyres and mark through the holes with chalk. Remove the disc and drill holes at the marks in the top of the stack. Put a little strong adhesive in the holes in the plywood and thread bolts through, leaving the glue to dry and hold the bolts in place.

    • Place the stack onto newspaper and coat with All Surface paint, working it into the tread. Allow the first coat to dry before re-coating to give an even colour. Leave to dry then spray with a clear sealant if the stool is to be used in a high traffic area.

    • Take 25 15cm square pieces of patterned fabric and sew together in a five by five grid with a 5mm seam allowance. Press and layer the panel onto quilt wadding. Pin in place and top stitch the layers together along the seam lines to make a quilted panel.

    • Cut the foam pad into a circle, using the plywood as a guide. Place the quilted panel face down on a flat surface. Put the foam circle in the centre and the plywood disc on top of this with the bolts pointing up. Pull the fabric up around the plywood and staple to secure. Work from side to side to keep the fabric panel in the centre.

    • Trim away excess fabric from the panel and gather around the curve to prevent huge folds in one area. Turn the padded seat right way up and thread the protruding bolts through the holes in the top of the tyre stack, secure with the remaining nuts.