Turn a picture frame into a handy shelf

In issue 30 you will have seen our gorgeous 9-page spread showing you how to make your boudoir beautiful. Here we have a pretty little bonus project for you, in the form of an upcycled picture frame. Use one you have lying spare around the house or pick one up at a charity shop and turn it into a useful mini shelf, perfect for popping your trinkets in.

  • Turn a picture frame into a handy shelf
    • MDF, 6mm
    • Ornate picture frame
    • Sawtooth hanging hook *‘ No Nails’ glue
    • Electric jigsaw
    • Ruler, right angle and pencil
    • Glasspaper, fine and coarse
    • Paint, Laura Ashley Furniture Paint in Duck Egg
    • Paintbrush
    • Dust mask
Frame shelf
    1. First, dismantle the picture frame, removing the glass and the back board. Use the back board as a guide to the measurements needed to make the box. Mark out on the surface of the 6mm MDF the four pieces needed to make the box. The four pieces need to be 8cm wide. The two sides can be cut to the same measurement as the side of the back board. The top and the base need to be the top and base measurement minus 12mm (the width of the two 6mm side pieces).
    2. Cut out all the pieces using a jigsaw. Make sure the wood is clamped securely to prevent it from moving whilst it is being cut and that you are wearing a dust mask.
    3. Next, the pieces can be glued together, place the glue along the 6mm edges of the top and base pieces and then butt join the corresponding side pieces. Make sure that all the angles are sitting squarely and in correct shape and leave to dry thoroughly.
    4. Use fine glass paper to sand away any rough edges and then wipe away any dust. Paint the inside and out of the box; this will need at least two coats to achieve a solid colour.
    5. Paint the frame on the front and back with two coats of paint and leave to dry. Place glue around the edges of the box and then push into the back of the frame and leave to dry. If you wish to seal the box, paint and stick the back board to the back of the box.
    6. Finally, attach the sawtooth hanging hook to the top centre back of the box and hang on the wall.