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Transform Stoneware Teacups Into Candles

Next time your friends come round for a spot of tea and cake, delight them with these gorgeous homemade candles. Dotted about the home, they make the perfect display for a social gathering. To make them, all you need is a basic candle making kit, some essential oils and a trio of stoneware tea cups. Amanda Walker got these ones for under £20 from Dotcomgiftshop. Beautifully hand painted, they’re just the ticket for a project such as this.

You'll Need:
    • Teacups
    • Basic candle making kit
    • Saucepan
    • Metal or heat proof container that will fit into the pan
    • Pliers
    • Scissors
    1. Fill a saucepan by a third with water and bring to the boil. Place the metal container into the pan. Tip the wax pellets and colour into it and melt it down. Cut pieces of wick to the height of the cups plus an extra 3cm. Drop the wicks into the melted wax, leave for a few seconds, then remove carefully with the stirrer; the wax will set almost immediately.

    2. Pass the waxed wick through the hole in the metal collar, provided in the candle making kit, and secure tightly by squeezing the collar closed with a pair of pliers as shown. Pass the top of the wick through the hole in the wooden wick holder, place the wick into the cup and centre it leaving the metal collar hanging just above the base of the tea cup. Secure the top of the wick with a piece of Blu-Tack, then remove the whole wick assemble from the cup and set aside.

    3. Pour the melted wax into the mug filling it 90% full. (Be sure to turn off the hob at this stage!) Drop in the wick assemble, making sure it is centred. Leave the candle to set. As the candle dries the wax shrinks lightly and forms a dip around the wick. When the wax has dried completely, reheat the remaining wax and pour into the top of the mug, as shown.

    4. When the wax is completely dry, cut the wick to approximately 1cm, as shown below. Leave the candle overnight so it can totally set, before lighting for the first time. Follow the guidelines provided with the candle making kit for more in depth instructions.