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Thrifty Wine Crate Side Table

It’s hard to believe you can make a stylish side table from four wooden wine crates – but hey, that’s craft for you! This multifunctional upcycling idea, courtesy of Russell and Bawden, is a fantastic way to store books and display your craft gear. The original wood design isn’t lost either – the boxes simply had a wash of watered down emulsion painted over them, which enables their natural beauty to shine through. However, if you fancy a splash of brightness in your home, there’s no harm painting them with the colours of the rainbow either!

You'll Need:
    • Four wooden wine boxes
    • Wooden offcuts
    • Set of four castors, from
    • White emulsion
    • Drill
    • Saw
    • Screwdriver
    • Screws
    1. Fit the boxes together to make sure they’re the same size. Add glue to the sides of the crates that are going to be touching and secure them in place.

    2. Drill holes and screw the boxes together. Measure the depth of the crate and cut two batons from your wooden offcuts to this size. Screw the two batons onto the base of the crate, to hold the castors.

    3. Screw the castors onto the ends of the batons at the bottom of the crate. Water down the white emulsion and paint the inside and outside of the boxes.