• tassel garland
You’ll need

    *Coloured tissue


    *Thick PVA glue

    *Knitting needle

    1. Cut a piece of tissue, 20cm x 30cm. Fold in half, and half again to make a section 5cm x 30cm. Fold over in the opposite direction and cut a long fringe into the open end, stopping 3cm from the last fold.

    2. Unfold the tissue carefully, allowing the fringes to lay flat. Use a knitting needle to roll the tissue up, taking care not to let the fringes tangle. Remove the needle and twist the un-fringed part of the tissue.

    3. Fold in half, apply glue and twist again to make a hanging loop for the tassel. Tie several tassels to a length of twine to create a garland.