• Tape measure table
You’ll need
    • Paper tape measures
    • Yardstick patterned paper (we used Echo Park’s This and That range)
    • Wooden side table with straight legs and glass insert
    • Chalk paint
    • Inks and dyes
    1. Prepare the paper tapes by loosely rolling and immersing them in a solution of coloured ink or dye. Leave the tapes for an hour before carefully lifting out of the liquid, then hang up to dry over a bowl to catch any drips.

    2. Prepare the table by removing glass and lightly sanding if necessary. Coat the edges and sides with chalk paint and leave to dry.

    3. Take the dried tapes and cut into pieces long enough to wrap around the legs. Start at the base of the leg and paste the pieces around it using PVA, overlapping the ends on the inside. When the leg is covered, smooth out any air bubbles and leave to dry. Cover all four legs in the same way, alternating shades of coloured tape.

    4. Fill in the recess for the glass with strips of yardstick patterned paper cut to size. Vary the direction of the pattern and trim pieces accurately so no wood is seen between pieces, glue down with pva and smooth out air bubbles while drying.

    5. Coat the finished table with a thin layer of PVA applied with a sponge. Leave to dry before recoating in the same way. When fully dry replace the glass insert.