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Sugarcraft: 14 Cute Christmas Cookie Designs

Decorate these sweet treats from the inspirational book Cookie Craft: Baking & Decorating Techniques for Fun & Festive Occasions by Valerie Peterson and Janice Fryer (£8.99, Storey Publishing) for a festive party or to give as gifts. Here are 14 designs to get you started, with another 16 available in the book. We can’t wait to get munching on these!

Find below:
Cookie craft inspirations:
1 Christmas ornament
2 Double sparkly star;
3 Christmas bulbs
4 Sparkly star
5 Mini Rudolphs
6 Santa head
7 Gingerbread man
8 Holly wreath
9 Sideways Santa
10 Joy greeting
11 Double sparkly star
12 Gingerbread lady
13 Christmas tree on truck
14 Holly wreath

(Photography by Ellie Miller Photo)

    1. CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT Prebaking: Make sugar and gingerbread dough. Use drinking straw to cut out holes; use end of chopstick or skewer to impress dots. Use an aspic cutter to cut out small stars; place on unbaked gingerbread. Paint stars with tempera paint. Bake.
    2. DOUBLE SPARKLY STAR Prebaking: Make sugar and gingerbread dough. Cut larger star in gingerbread; smaller star in sugar dough. Sprinkle smaller star with coloured sugar and place on gingerbread star before baking.
    3. CHRISTMAS BULBS Prebaking: Use drinking straw to cut out holes; drag flat toothpick to impress “screwtop” lines. After baking: Pipe and flood bulbs; paint screwtop with luster dust; let dry. String bulbs together with fresh and pliable licorice whip. If desired, to keep light bulbs in place on “string,” knot licorice whip over each bulb.
    4. SPARKLY STAR Prebaking: Sprinkle with coloured sugar.
    5. MINI RUDOLPHS Pipe red noses on baked cookies.
    6. SANTA HEAD Layer 1: Pipe and flood red hat; pipe and flood white hat trim, and beard; let dry. Layer 2: Pipe nose, cheeks, eyes, and hat pompom.
    7. GINGERBREAD MAN Prebaking: Press dried fruit into dough (if fruit is too big, use scissors to cut). Using heart-shaped aspic cutter as guide, sprinkle coloured sugar into heart shape.
    8. HOLLY WREATH Pipe and flood. Flood green lines on wet flood. Draw toothpick through lines to create leaf points. Flood red dots on wet flood.
    9. SIDEWAYS SANTA Layer 1: Pipe and flood red suit and hat and white sack and beard, leaving face un-iced. Pipe and flood black boots. Layer 2: Pipe pompom, cuffs, and “curl” detail on beard. Pipe gift; pipe gloves, belt, and eyes. Pipe nose, ribbon on gift, and outline on suit and hat.
    10. JOY GREETING Pre-baking: Cut out J, O, and Y with mini letter cutters. After baking: Pipe details around letters and on background.
    11. DOUBLE SPARKLY STAR See cookie 2.
    12. GINGERBREAD LADY Layer 1: Pipe and flood pinafore; let dry. Layer 2: Pipe hearts, hair, eyes, and mouth.
    13. CHRISTMAS TREE ON TRUCK Layer 1: Pipe and flood red truck body, and white window and headlight. Pipe and flood black tires, leaving hubcap un-iced. Layer 2: Pipe truck outline. Pipe Christmas tree. Paint hubcaps with lustre dust.
    14. HOLLY WREATH See cookie 8.