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Stylish Leather Keyrings

If you’re anything like us, losing your keys is a daily occurrence. We blame it on all the crafty goodies we have stashed in our bag! However, if you want to find them a little easier we have come up with just the solution. These leather tassel keyrings by Corinne Bradd are not only practical, they’re also ever-so-stylish as they are made from beautiful soft glove leather. We have a feeling that your friends and family will be queuing for you to make even more for their keys.

You'll Need:
    • Soft glove leather
    • Metal dome cord ends
    • Metal ribbon end clasps
    • Jump rings
    • Large lobster clasps
Circular Tassel
    1. Cut a 10cm square of soft coloured leather and lay flat. Use a ruler and craft knife to cut a fringe into the leather, making each one 5mm apart and leaving a 1cm uncut strip at the top.

    2. Place a small amount of PVA onto the inside of the uncut strip. Roll up the leather tightly and glue the coil into a dome cord end. Leave to dry before clipping the ends of the tassel to your desired length.

    3. Fit a jump ring through the loop in the top of the cord end, then attach a lobster clasp before closing the ring.

Flat Tassel
    1. Cut a fringed square of leather as before. Measure the width of the jaws of the metal ribbon end clasp. Concertina fold the uncut edge to the same width as this, glueing as you do so. Trim any excess leather that does not make a complete width.

    2. Place the folded leather inside the clasp and gently press down on the jaws to close them. Once the leather is held in place, use a pair of flat nosed pliers to compress the jaws further.

    3. Fit a jump ring through the loop in the top of the cord end and attach a lobster clasp before closing the ring.