• String wrap ornaments
You’ll need
    • 3-ply twine
    • Strong PVA glue
    1. Paint a 3cm band of glue around the narrowest part of your chosen object. Wind twine around the item, starting from one edge of the glue line. Make sure the end of the twine is overlapped by the first coil to disguise it.

    2. Keep winding the twine tightly around the shape, brushing on more glue as necessary and taking care to keep the twine coils close to each other to completely cover the object. Finish the binding by making the last wrap loose, tucking the end of the twine through it and pulling tightly to secure. Apply a little adhesive to the tip and allow to dry before trimming away the excess.

    3. If necessary, cover the entire twine wrapping with slightly diluted glue to seal it and flatten any stray fibres. A ring of plaited twine can be added to the top and bottom of a jar or vase for an extra decorative finish.