• Stitched fireworks bunting
You’ll need
    • Coloured felt
    • Sew-on interfacing or any backing fabric
    • Bunting tape or ribbon
    • Fabric glue or Bondaweb
    • Card
    • Pencil
    • Sewing machine
    • Thread
    • Pins
    1. Make templates for your stars and rockets by drawing them free-hand onto card with a pencil. Cut out the templates and use them to mark the shapes on the felt.

    2. Cut out the felt ‘rocket stripes’ and use fabric glue or Bondaweb to hold them in place on the main rocket body. Pin all the felt shapes onto the sew-on interfacing ready to stitch. Sew all the shapes’ edges with your choice of coloured thread and then cut out the shapes.

    3. Space out the shapes along a length of bunting tape and pin in place, folding the bunting tape in half to enclose the tops of all the felt shapes. Once all pinned, sew your bunting tape together in a matching colour.