You’ll need
    • Silk dupion: duck egg blue, red
    • White cotton fabric
    • Curtain interlining
    • Red ribbon
    • Sewing machine with red and white thread
    • Scissors, pins and needle
    1. The dimensions of the band will be lead by the size of your cake. Measure the depth and the circumference, then add seam allowance to the outer longer edges: 1cm on each side and on one of the short ends, as well as an extra 3cm on the other to create an overlap. Cut three strips.

    2. The four silk strips will need cutting the same length as the white strips, two measuring 4cm and the other two in the contrasting coloured silk, 6cm wide. Fold and press the silk strips in half lengthways, unfold the two short ends of the silk strips and fold in the opposite direction, stitch the ends, then turn back to the right side. This process neatens the ends.

    3. Next, stitch them together, matching the raw long edges; these can now be stitched to the outer long edges of the double layer of the white cotton. Position, pin and then stitch in place with a 1cm seam allowance. Machine embroider to the centre of the band. The back of the band can be neatened by folding in the seam allowances on the remaining white strip, then hand slip stitched in place.

    4. The embroidered Christmas tree is stitched in the same way as the one on the stocking, cut out in a triangle with seam allowances added, then backed in another layer of silk. Stitch a ribbon bow to the top and base of the tree and pin it to the band and through into the cake. More bows can be added around the band if you desire.