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Stitch Retro Tassel Cushions

The spirit of the seventies is alive and well this season, and there’s no better way to add some retro styling to your home than with these cushions by Corinne Bradd. Pay homage to an era that time certainly hasn’t
forgotten with stunning retro fabrics – a wild mix of patterns that somehow still manage to complement each other. Adding various coloured tassels around the edge of the cushions will give your makes vintage flair, and create stand out accessories in your home.

You'll Need:
    • Cotton fabric, patterned and plain
    • Quilt wadding, 2oz
    • Cushion pad
    • Coloured yarn
    • Chipboard
    • Zip
    1. Cut a chipboard rectangle, 5cm x 10cm. Turn landscape and cut out a 5mm deep slot halfway across the board and 1cm down from the top to create a tassel maker.

    2. Wind yarn around the 5cm width of the tassel maker, holding the chipboard on the unslotted side and winding the yarn over the other half. Keep it taut and wrap between 10 and 20 times depending on the thickness of the yarn and the desired fullness of the tassel.

    3. Snip a 30cm length of yarn and thread under the wraps using a darning needle. Pull it to the top of the tassel and tie in a tight reef knot. Cut a 20cm piece of yarn and wrap it several times around the hank where the slot is. Tie this off tightly and slide the tassel off the chipboard.

    4. Allow the short ends of yarn to hang down with the rest of the tassel loops and keep the longer ends at the top. Cut the loops and trim up the base of the tassel so all ends are level. Take the top long ends and tie a series of five reef knots in them to create a chain. Keep the ends long as these will be used to attach the tassel.

    1. Cut a square of patterned fabric the same size as the cushion pad and trim a 3cm wide strip of a plain coordinating material. Sew around the edge of the panel with a 5mm seam allowance. Press the fabric and pin face up onto a square of quilt wadding. Zig zag stitch around all edges to hold together.

    2. Create a square of plain fabric the same size as the panel, plus another 5cm deep strip the same width. Stitch the pieces to either edge of the zip and concertina fold the smaller piece over the zip to cover. Topstitch in place. Place the two pieces right sides together and sew around three sides, opening the zip slightly before stitching the fourth side so that it can be turned right side out.

    3. Measure along the sides of the cushion cover and mark equal distances of approximately 3cm with pins, making sure that there is a pin at each corner. Use a darning needle to sew the long ends of the completed tassels inside the cover at every pin, mark along the side seams. Tie the yarn ends together in a secure reef knot inside the cushion cover and trim the ends. Insert the cushion padand close the zip.