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Stitch & Paint Your Own Tea Towels

These hand-painted tea towels will add a unique touch to the heart of any home. It’s a simple make that you could easily whip up in a couple of hours. A coordinated set would be a lovely handmade
gift, or keep all to yourself to refresh your own home. Once you feel comfortable with the feel of fabric painting you can let yourself loose on all manner of home textiles – why not paint fabric for a customised cushion, or your family’s names on individual laundry bags?

You'll Need:
    • Cotton fabric, dark coloured, 43cm x 56cm
    • Cotton fabric, light coloured, 43cm x 56cm
    • Cotton tape
    • Fabric paint or dye
    • Paint brushes
    1. Cut two pieces of fabric to 43cm x 56cm for each tea towel. The lighter fabric will be the front and the darker the back. Press all the fabric and put the back piece of material to one side.

    2. Protect your surfaces with newspaper. For this painting technique you can use fabric dye or diluted fabric paint. In this make, one part of water to one part paint has been used so that it was translucent, but didn’t bleed.

    3. Create dashes, lines or crosses with long thin brushes, or use a flat headed brush to produce chunky marks - anything that’s easy to replicate will work.

    4. When the design is finished, it’s likely there will be areas of the fabric that are soaked through with paint, so leave to dry thoroughly before moving. Once dry, press your fabric again.

    5. Lay the painted fabric down, right side up. Cut a piece of cotton tape approximately 10cm long and fold in half. In the top right corner of the rectangle, line up the raw ends of the tape with the raw edge of the material and pin in place. Next, lay the back piece of fabric on top, right side down, and pin in place.

    6. Sew both layers together, leaving a small gap at the bottom of your towel. Turn the towel right side out through the gap, turn out all the corners fully (a large knitting needle is helpful to do this), and press. To finish, top stitch all the way around the teatowel, 0.5cm from the edge.