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Stitch Cat Pincushions

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a cat lover or more of a dog person, you’re going to love making these beautiful kitties. Use them as pincushions to cheer you on as you stitch or rest them against your favourite reads – however you choose to use these little kitties, they’ll bring essential Liberty print love into your home. Why not adapt our sew-and-stuff project and make a whole zoo of fabric animals?

You'll Need:
    • Tana lawn cotton, 20cm x 30cm, we used Liberty Tana Lawn in Betsy
    • Iron-on interfacing, 6cm x 10cm
    • Toy stuffing
    • Small scrap of felt
    • Embroidery thread, 6cm
    • Needle and coordinating thread
    • 2 tbsp rice
    • Funnel
    • Bodkin
    1. Iron the interfacing to the reverse of the fabric and use the template to cut out a cat base. From the remaining fabric, take two bodies and two tails. When marking out the second tail, flip the template so that both panels of the tail show the correct side of the fabric.

    2. Pin the tails right sides together and stitch using a 0.5cm seam allowance. Turn right sides out and fill with a small amount of toy stuffing. Use a bodkin to push the filling down through the entire length.

    3. With right sides facing, pin together the cat bodies, leaving the bottom half open. Fold the base in half lengthways, and with the right side acing inwards, pin one half to the front of the cat, matching the curves. Repeat on the back, pinning the finished tail halfway across the curve and with it tucked inside the layers. Mark one side of the body with a pencil where the fold of the base occurs.

    4. Using a 0.5cm seam allowance, start stitching from just above the base fold mark on the left side of the body and up around the head. Finish 5cm above the base fold mark on the right side, then sew around the base. Clip the bulk at the neck of the cat and between the ears, taking care not to cut the stitches. Turn right side out and use the bodkin to gently push out the ears.

    5. Holding upside down, fill the cat with toy stuffing until it is three-quarters full, then use a funnel to pour in rice and fill any leftover space. Slip stitch the gap closed.

    6. Cut the felt into a small heart shape and knot the embroidery thread in the middle. Secure the felt to the cat’s face with the thread sandwiched behind it as whiskers.