Stitch a sweet dreams banner

Furnish a nursery with this beautiful stitched banner from Carolyn Letten.

  • Stitch a sweet dreams banner
Nursery Banner

    Cotton fabric, red, blue, ditzy floral
    Backing fabric
    White tissue paper
    Seven star shaped buttons
    Scrap of sandy coloured felt
    Cream chevron ribbon
    Cream/blue striped ribbon
    Online template from

Sweet Dreams Nursery Banner

    1 Cut a piece of plain blue cotton fabric 33cm x 50cm.

    2 Use the templates provided to cut out the spotty rug and the cot frame in 4 sections from plain red, back them all with iron -on- interfacing to prevent fraying.

    3 Pin the rug in place first and stitch to secure in navy thread then pin the cot frame in place as shown, at the bottom of the blue fabric from step 1 to the left slightly. Cut out the yellow bedding with a pale pink head and using the cot as a guide to aid placement, stitch it in place.

    3 Cut out 10 cot spindles from lengths of cream chevron ribbon and use acid free glue to hold them in place, tucking the two raw ends of each piece under the cot frame. Remove the pins from the frame and stitch it in place using navy thread. Use cream thread to stitch the ribbon and iron on the reverse.

    4 Cut out a felt teddy using the template and place as shown. Hand or machine stitch around the edge and add details to the face, arms and legs. Iron on the reverse. Stitch decoratively around the rug edge in navy thread.

    5 Cut out the four clouds from white felt using the templates and stitch in place using white thread just inside the felt edge. Cut out the moon in white cotton fabric, cover it with metallic lace so it overlaps all the way around, stitch to secure.

    6 Trace the words from the templates onto separate pieces of white tissue paper and pin each in place on the corresponding cloud. Machine or hand stitch over each word twice in navy thread. Tear the tissue away and iron on reverse.

    7 From the floral fabric, cut out two long strips 50cm x 8cm, pin right sides together down both sides of the blue and with a 1cm seam allowance stitch in place and press the seams open. Cut two floral strips 45cm x 8cm, pin them across the top and bottom right sides together and stitch a 1cm seam. Press seam open.

    8 Trim two red strips 3.5cm x 65cm, pin and stitch in the same way down both sides. Cut 2 red strips 3.5cm x 52cm for the top and bottom and stitch in the same way.

    9 Snip a piece of wadding the same size as the finished front and lay the front on top of it right side up. Cut a piece of your chosen backing fabric the same size and lay this on the top wrong side up. Pin all the way around. Cut four pieces of ribbon 15cm long, fold each in half and insert equally across the top of the banner with the loops trapped in between the fabric backing and front and the raw ends sticking out slightly. Starting a third of the way across the bottom, stitch a 1cm seam all the way around to finish a third of the way across the bottom. Trim excess fabric from across the corners and turn right side out through the remaining gap at the bottom, hand stitch the gap to close.

    10 Insert pins randomly across the banner to hold in place while you quilt. Starting with the clouds, use white thread to stitch around each one. Use navy thread to quilt around the moon and cot frame. Quilt where the blue fabric meets the floral and the floral meets the red fabric. To finish, sew seven pearly shell star buttons as shown.