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Stitch A Fabric iPad Stand

We crafters take pride in our multi-tasking abilities, but sometimes we need a bit of a helping hand. Not only is this funky tablet stand the ultimate tech accessory, it’s surprisingly easy to whip up too, and will hold your iPad steady throughout lengthy crafting sessions. Try it in a vintage print oilcloth and it will be well protected against whatever ingredients get thrown around in the kitchen, as well as against any water splashes during a bathtime Netflix binge. It’s so handy, you’ll be taking it everywhere!

You'll Need
    • Fabric, 25cm x 40cm for stand, 4cm x 15cm for loop

    • Toy stuffing

    • Thread

    • With right sides together, fold the loop fabric along its length and stitch together down one edge using a 1cm seam allowance. Finish stitching 2cm from one end. Bring right side out, move the seam to the centre and press. Fold in half to make a loop.

    • Take the large piece of fabric and, with right sides facing, fold in half widthways. Position the fabric with the fold down the left edge and the 25cm selvedge to the right. Sandwich the loop in between the layers at the top left hand corner, with the loop facing inwards. Leaving a 1cm seam allowance, stitch along the top edge to trap the loop. Sew along the 25cm edge by only 8cm, leave a 9cm gap, then stitch the remaining 8cm. Leave the last edges unstitched.

    • Take the corners of these open edges and move the fold to the centre to create a 3D triangular shape. Pin along these remaining raw edges. Rotate the piece so that the fold sits along the top, pinned edges along the side and sewn seam along the bottom. Stitch the pinned edges using a 1cm seam allowance and turn right side out.

    • To create a ledge, measure a line across the width, 4cm up from the bottom seam. Stitch, finishing 5cm from one side. Fill this little pocket with toy stuffing before sewing across the remaining width. Stuff the rest of the triangle before slip stitching on the reverse to finish.