You’ll need
    • Silk dupion: duck egg blue, red
    • White cotton fabric
    • Curtain interlining
    • Red ribbon
    • Sewing machine with red and white thread
    • Scissors, pins and needle
    • Pencil
    1. Using the template provided, cut out two stocking in the silk dupion, two in the white cotton fabric and two in the curtain interlining. Next, cut out three rectangles of white cotton fabric, 8cm x 28cm; these will become the cuffs at the top of the stockings. For the silk trim at the base of the cuff, cut from the silk dupion a strip measuring 4cm x 28cm; fold and press in half lengthways.

    2. First, embroider the Christmas tree onto the front of the stocking. Lay one of the silk stockings onto one of the curtain interlining stockings and pin to secure the two layers. With a pencil, transfer the Christmas tree pattern onto the silk layer. Set your machine to a decorative stitch, then sew the vertical line first, then the horizontal lines. Trim away any end threads.

    3. Next, the back of the stocking can be stitched to the front. Lay the remaining silk stocking onto the embroidered front, then the remaining curtain interlining stocking. Pin all the layers together and stitch around the edges with a 1cm seam allowance, leaving the top of the stocking open.

    4. Clip into any concave curves and trim close to the stitching line of any convex curves. Turn the stocking to the right side, tease out the seams and press. Repeat this process with the two white cotton stockings, clip and trim the curves, but do not turn. Place the white cotton stocking inside the silk stocking, then level and match the seams and the top edges together.

    5. Lay two of the white cuffs one on top of the other; they are being used double to prevent the seam allowance from showing through to the right side. Set your sewing machine on a decorative stitch and form two rows one above the other, making the second a different stitch. Start the first row 2cm away from the long raw edge. Now stitch the folded silk strip to this edge with a 1cm seam allowance.

    6.Position the remaining white cotton cuff on top of the embroidered one. Pin along the silk strip edge, then stitch all the layers together, again with a 1cm seam allowance. Open out the cuff, then sew the shorter edges together making it into a circle. Fold the single layeroutside the embroidered face of the cuff, position it inside the top of the silk stocking, matching the seam allowance on the outer edge of the stocking.

    1. At this point, slip a loop of ribbon between the stocking and the cuff to enable it to be hung. Pin in place, then stitch around with a 1cm seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance and fold the cuff over to the right side of the stocking. To finish, sew a ribbon bow to the base of the embroidered Christmas tree.