Side table upcycle

If you want to completely change the appearance of an old table, then covering the surface with zinc is a modern and stylish option. Working with any metal is a little tricky so we’re easing you in gently with this smallscale project. Cutting zinc perfectly straight requires concentration, but don’t worry if you make a slip-up, minor mishaps can be covered by the moulding.

You’ll need

    *Small side table

    *Sheet of zinc

    *Pine right-angle moulding

    *Upholstery nails

    *Contact adhesive: Evo Stick

    *Instant grab adhesive; No More Nails

    *Sisal rope

    *Tin snips

    *Mitre saw

    *Glue gun



    *Medium glasspaper

    *Clear furniture polish

    1. Lightly sand the table top to provide a key for the adhesive. Remove the legs if possible and also sand lightly. Use the top of the table as a template to mark out the zinc and cut out the necessary size using the tin snips.

    2. Following the manufacturer’s instructions and in a well ventilated room, apply a thin layer of the contact adhesive to the table top and the underside of the zinc, (this should be the textured surface, the good side will be covered in a protective film).

    3. Leave until touch dry and carefully line up the zinc and table and press firmly. Remove the protective film from the zinc.

    4. Make a frame for the table using right-angle moulding. Cut the 45o angles with a mitre saw. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, stick the frame pieces to the table top with the instant grab adhesive.

    5. Bang the upholstery nails around the frame. However, drill pilot holes first using a very small drill bit as the nails will not hammer through the zinc.

    6. Cover the table legs with sisal rope. Cut the rope at an angle and unravel and flare out in a triangular shape. Stick this to the bottom of the leg using the glue gun. Wind the rope tightly, covering the end you just fixed down.

    7. Apply a blob of glue every few rotations. Continue until you have covered the whole leg. Cut the rope and stick the end neatly in. Cover the other three legs and reattached them all. Buff the frame with polish.