sew storage,

Sew Storage

Keep all your haberdashery essentials to hand in this pretty sewing station, complete with handy baskets

  • Sew Storage
You’ll need:
    • IKEA unit, RAST

    • Liberty fabric,

    • Hardboard

    • Wooden battening and dowel

    • Paint, white

    • Cotton reels

    • Cup hooks

    • Tools and craft kit

    1. Cut the fabric into an array of differently-sized rectangles. Taking one section at a time, begin pasting them onto the RAST’s surface with a paintbrush and PVA glue. Leave to dry thoroughly and assemble.

    2. Next, make the shelf for the open section; this needs to fit perfectly above the middle drawer. Cut hardboard to the same width as the top of the chest, making it 1.5cm narrower. Attach wooden battening to the front edge of the hardboard using a hammer and panel pins, and cover the shelf, and all areas that will be visible inside the open section, in white paper with spray adhesive.

    3. Fix wooden battening inside the drawer to hold up the shelf. Find its position by holding the prepared shelf above the middle drawer and drawing a line below it. Transfer this line to the opposite side, then attach a batten to each side with screws. Make sure the batten is shorter than the width of the side pieces to make room for the piece at the front.

    4. Next, make a small hanging rail for the side of the chest. Stick two of the drawer knobs to the end of a piece of wooden dowel, paint it white, then attach with two cup hooks. To finish, fix on the cotton reel handles with screws.