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Sew Felt Fruit Cushions

For us, summer is all about bright colours and fun designs. It’s the perfect time to experiment and steer away from traditional projects towards more playful makes. And what fits the bill more perfectly than these brilliant fruit cushions? Brighten up a kid’s bedroom or bring some cheer to your living room. Wherever you decide to use them, stitch yourself a slice of summer and serve with plenty of smiles!

You'll Need:

    Felt in orange, white, green, pink and black 2m green and 1.5m orange piping Stuffing Felt glue Thread

    1. For the orange, cut out felt pieces as per the templates. Pin the segment pieces onto the white circle of felt and sew using topstitch.

    2. Sew the piping onto one of the felt circles to hold it in place. Put the felt circles together (segments facing in) and stitch together using a 1cm seam. Leave a 10cm gap to stuff.

    3. Clip the seam and turn out, then press lightly following the manufacturer’s instructions for ironing felt. Stuff the cushion and sew the gap shut using an invisible stitch.

    4. Cut small teardrop shapes in white felt and glue to the orange segment sections.

    5. For the watermelon, cut out the felt pieces as per the templates. Position the pink piece centrally within the white piece. Pin and topstitch around the edge.

    6. Sew the piping around the edge of the white piece. Pin the green piece to the white, with the pink section facing in, then sew with a 1cm seam and leave a 10cm gap.

    7. Clip the seams on the inside, turn out and press lightly. Stuff the cushion fully and sew the gap shut with an invisible stitch.

    8. Cut out the teardrop shapes for the pips and glue in position around the bottom of the pink piece.