You’ll need:
    • Polystyrene balls

    • White card

    • Fabric: assorted dotty, plain yellow

    • Glass headed pin

    • Pink cord

    • Adhesives

    • Scissors

You’ll need:
    • Ice cream pots

    • Paper: crepe, white; tissue, pink

    • Scissors

    • Sewing machine and threads Adhesives

You’ll need:
    • Old teaspoons

    • Masking tape

    • Enamel spray paint

    • Card

    • Alphabet stamps

    • Flatbacked gems

    1. Using the template, cut out ten pieces in the white card. Cut out ten dotty fabric pieces slightly larger than the card. Spray the back of the fabric with adhesive, then place the card in the centre. Trim away the excess. Roll into a cone shape and secure using a hot glue gun.

    2. Make the ice cream tops by cutting pieces of yellow fabric large enough to encase the polystyrene balls. Spray the back of the fabric pieces with adhesive then place the ball inside and stick the fabric around them.

    3. Decorate the top edges of the cones with pom-pom trim attached with a glue gun. Stick the yellow balls into the cones. Attach the finished ice creams to a length of pink cord with a glass headed pin, distributing them evenly along the length.

    4. Make large ice creams in the same way with larger polystyrene balls and different fabric for the cones. Attach the ice cream to a length of pink cord with a cord bow and attached again with a glass headed pin.

    1. Cut a strip of white crepe paper, 5cm wide, and double the circumference of the ice cream pots, then a double strip of pink tissue paper cut to the same length but 4cm wide. Place the pink tissue paper in the centre of the white crepe paper strip and machine stitch through the centre of the strips, pleating the strips as you go.

    2. When you have stitched to the end, open up the layers of tissue paper then stick the ruffles to the top rim of the ice cream pots using a hot glue gun and slightly overlapping the ends.

    1. Clean the teaspoons thoroughly. Mask the bowls of the spoons with tape. Cover your surface with newspaper and lay the spoons face up. Spray the handles with enamel paint using a smooth side to side movement, avoiding over-spraying. Leave to touch dry and re-spray if necessary. Flip over and repeat the process for the backs of the spoons.

    2. Create labels from card scraps and paper. Stamp messages onto coloured paper, trim and glue to the centre of the tags. Pierce a hole at the top and tie to the end of the handle of each spoon with embroidery thread. Finish with a neat bow and a small gem glued securely to the top of the handle.