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Sew A Comfy Chevron Quilt

Chevron quilts might bring to mind modern prints and a geometric finish, but this throw mixes the block with warm, floral fabrics for a real juxtaposition. Isn’t it gorgeous? Find out how you can sew this beautiful quilt with our how-to…

  • Sew A Comfy Chevron Quilt
You'll Need:

    Cotton fabrics, London Calling blooms vintage, Petal & Plume nib and pluck zinnia, April Showers Parisian fretwork on yellow, Kona maize, Essex linen hot pink, one metre of each Plain white cotton for backing (an old sheet is fine) 4oz quilt wadding

    1. Press fabric and cut two 16cm wide strips from each. Use our template to trim the strips into off centre diamond shapes. Cut one strip of each design with the template face up and the second with the template face down to get mirror image shapes.

    2. Lay out the diamond pieces lengthways in a repeating pattern to form a 16cm wide strip. Sew the diamonds right sides together with a 0.5cm seam allowance. Ensure that when the shapes are placed together the corner points overlap slightly rather than match up. The edges of the pieces need to line up where the stitching will go when joined together.

    3. Trim diamond shapes in half across the shortest measurement to make right-angled triangles. Sew these to either end of the strip to straighten them.

    4. Lay out and stitch diamonds and right-angled triangles in the same way as before, this time using the mirror set of shapes to make a second strip. Place the strips right sides together so the edges and seams between each diamond match. Sew the two pieces together with a 0.5cm seam allowance and press open. You should now have a length of chevrons. Continue stitching diamonds in this way, cutting more 16cm wide strips as necessary until your quilt is the desired width.

    5. Press the finished quilt top, measure and cut a piece of quilt wadding and backing fabric 2cm larger on both sides. Lay the backing fabric on a flat surface, place the wadding on this and the quilt top face up on top. Pin the three layers together at regular intervals. Top stitch along the zigzag lines to quilt. Once complete, trim the edges of the wadding and backing to the same size as the patchwork.

    6. Cut 4cm wide strips of plain fabric and sew end-to-end to make a continuous strip. Sew this strip to opposite sides of the quilt, matching up the raw edges and using a 5mm seam allowance. Open out these pieces before sewing strips to the remaining edges of the quilt to make an overlapped border.

    7. Turn under 0.5cm along the raw edge of the strips, fold and pin to the back of the quilt, mitring the corners neatly. Slip stitch the folded edge of the border to the back of the quilt to finish.