cabinet curtain,

Sew a cabinet curtain

Beginner stitchers, this is the project for you – all you need to be able to do is sew in a straight line! You can use as much (or as little) fabric as you like, depending on the size of your cabinet, and it’s just a case of hemming the bottom and creating a channel for the top. The curtain is attached to the cabinet by means of wire and screw hooks and they’re incredibly simple to work with, too. The potential for this project is huge: hide away your washing machine, fit a colourful pair in your kitchen instead of cupboard doors, make a long pair for built-in wardrobes or an alcove, and so much more. Then, if you really get going, you could apply the method to making fullsized curtains – just remember to allow more width for the channel, as curtain poles are obviously thicker than a length of wire.

You’ll need:
    • Fabric

    • Wire

    • Sewing machine

    1. Measure the area for the curtain and add half again to the width. Add 5cm to the length for hemming.

    2. }Double hem 5mm on either side of the fabric. Fold under 5mm along the top, then turn under 1.5mm to make a channel for the curtain wire. Hem 2mm from the first fold. Measure the curtain’s depth and double hem the bottom to the correct size.

    3. Cut curtain wire 4cm shorter than the width. Thread through the channel and fix screw hooks into either end. Spread the gathers of the fabric out evenly along the wire.

    4. Fix screw eyes into the front of the cabinet and hook the curtain to these, pulling the wire taut to fit the cabinet without sagging.