Sew a bird paperweight

This bird paperweight made by our maker Corinne Bradd is a lovely quick make for an evening-in or an afternoon’s crafting. Their stylised fifties-look design means they would work well with a range of styles, and would even look cute sewn up in vintage-chic small scale floral prints.

  • Sew a bird paperweight
You'll need:

    For the paperweight:

    • Plain coloured cotton fabrics from

    • Fibre filling

    • Smooth pebbles

    • Embroidery thread

    • Small buttons

    • Small beads

    • Issue 33 templates (link in steps)


    1. Download template from here and print. Trace out templates onto thin card and cut out. Draw around the templates onto the reverse of your fabric with pencil, add a 5mm seam allowance around each piece and flip each template over where necessary to ensure you end up with pieces for both the right and left sides. Cut out these pieces.

    2. Tack a head to the top of a body piece, right sides together using the pencil lines as a guide and ease the fabric around the curve. Backstitch securely and remove the tacking. Stitch the other head and body pieces together in the same way.

    3. Sew the lower parts of the head and body pieces to each side of the gusset, matching up points A and B. Stitch along the back seam from beak to tail, leaving a 7cm long gap at the lower point.

    4. Clip all the curves and corners into the seam allowance and turn the bird right side out. Firmly stuff the head with fibre filling, using a knitting needle to push stuffing right into the beak. Stuff the tip of the tail in the same way. Add more stuffing to the body of the bird, placing several smooth pebbles in the middle of the stuffing witing the main body area.

    5. Fold in the raw edges of the gap along seam and slip stitch together. Sew the wing pieces right sides together in pairs, leaving a 4cm gap along the straight edge. Clip curves and turn out. Lightly stuff and sew up as before.

    6. Use two strands of embroidery thread to sew decoration onto the bird and the wings in the form of simple stitches that represent feathers. Sew the wings to either side of the bird and use small buttons to disguise the join. Stitch two small beads to either side of the head as eyes.