• Rosettes
You’ll need

    *Coloured tissue

    *Coloured card

    *Scallop circle die or punch, around 8cm diameter

    *Glue stick

    1. Cut lots of scalloped circles from coloured tissue. You will need twelve for each rosette. Trim a scalloped circle from card to act as a base for each bloom. Take a circle of tissue and fold in half lightly. Concertina fold into three and glue the point to the centre of the card circle. Repeat with three more pieces and place equally round the circle.

    2. Build up a second and third layer of folded tissue, ensuring the pieces sit over the gaps of the layer below. Once the glue is dry fluff up each folded circle by unfolding the concertina as far as possible without tearing the paper. Start with the lower layers first and work towards the centre.