• Rose ball
You’ll need

    *Polystyrene ball, at least 20cm diameter

    *Co-ordinating colours of tissue paper


    *Knitting needle

    *Hot glue gun


    1. Pierce a hole in the polystyrene ball with a knitting needle. Tie the ribbon into a loop and glue the knot into the hole securely to hang. Cut sheets of tissue paper into strips, 8cm x 40cm. Fold a strip in half lengthways but avoid creasing too much.

    2. Wrap the strip loosely around the knitting needle so the fold forms the top of the rosebud. Remove the bud from the needle and hold in place by stapling the base of the flower. Make lots of rosebuds in this way using several co-ordinating colours of tissue.

    3. Using a hot glue gun, stick the rosebuds to the polystyrene ball starting with a ring around the hanging ribbon and working down and around the circumference, packing the buds closely together. When finished, leave to dry and then hang in your home.