revamp a plate rack,

Revamp a plate rack

Any good homemaker worth their salt will agree that a rummage at the local bootsale is the perfect weekend hobby. The team here at crafty HQ regularly pay visits to markets and second-hand stalls; they’re perfect for picking up our favourite find, vintage crockery. On our last trip we stumbled across this tired-looking plate rack which screamed ‘Homemaker project’. We nabbed it for a bargain and put our creative designer, Corinne Bradd, to work. Using some blue paint and fabric scraps she created a fabulous display case for our plate collection.

You’ll need:
    • Old wooden plate rack

    • Paint: Estate Eggshell, Dimity and St Giles Blue; Farrow & Ball

    • Screwdriver

    • Sandpaper

    • Washing up sponge

    • Two-inch paintbrush

    • Soft artist’s paintbrush

You’ll need:
    • Cotton fabric

    • Pins

    • Bias binding

    • Sewing machine

    • Scissors

    1. Begin by taking the plate rack apart. This will make sanding and painting much easier. Place the screws and washers in a safe place. Sand down parts of the rack if necessary to remove any flaking varnish.

    2. With a soft two-inch brush apply Dimity paint to one piece of the rack, on one side only, working in the direction of the grain. While the paint is still very wet, take a clean sponge and work over the surface with a pouncing motion to remove brush marks and give a lightly stippled effect to the surface.

    3. Repeat this on the other sections of the rack and leave to dry completely before painting and sponging the other sides and leaving to dry. Use a soft artist’s paintbrush to add highlights of colour to some of the rack in St Giles Blue. We opted for the top of the shelf, back of the rack and the separator dowels.

    4. Once the paint is dry the unit can be reassembled. Clean the washers and screws, before refitting and tighten any loose screws by placing short pieces of matchstick in the holes first to act as wedges. Trim the top of the rack with a length of handmade bunting in matching shades.


    We cheerfully admit that our obsession for plates is up there with our love for Charbonnel chocolate thins, office picnics and Ryan Gosling (well, who wouldn’t?!), so it’s no surprise that our editor has this ‘Blue Plates’ wallpaper hanging in her kitchen. It’s washable, stylish and the perfect hint of vintage. It is a little pricey at £139 per roll, but looks absolute fantastic as a feature wall. So, go on treat yourself!

    1. Cut several 7cm squares of cotton fabric. Fold each in half diagonally and in half again to make triangles with all four raw edges along the top. Pin and press each triangle.

    2. Cut a 4cm wide strip of fabric long enough to stretch across the top of the plate rack. Fold in half lengthways and press. Fold the raw edges into the middle and press again. Alternatively use a length of coordinating bias binding.

    3. Pin the long edge of each triangle to the centrefold of the fabric strip and fold the edges over each side to cover all raw edges. Machine stitch the length of the strip, 2mm from the edge to secure the triangles.