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Recipe: Plum and Ham Pies

Make these decadent pies from Castle MacLellan and ease into the cooler weather in comfort food heaven. These mini pies are so easy to make, and are perfect if you need a sumptuous mid-week pick-me-up.

  • Recipe: Plum and Ham Pies
You'll need:
    • MAKES 8
    • 500g packet of short crust pastry
    • 200g packet of ham hock
    • 1 tub of Castle MacLellan Rannoch Smoked Duck Pâté with Bramley apple jelly
    • 100g of plum chutney
Plum and Ham pies
    1. Preheat the oven to 200oC
    2. Roll out the pastry so slightly thinner than a pound coin. Cut out 8x9cm circles of pastry for the base and 8x7cm circles for the top of the pie.
    3. Take a muffin tray and brush the moulds with a little oil. Push the pastry base into the muffin case.
    4. Drop a tablespoon of the ham hock into the base of each pie; you want it to be about half full.
    5. Spread a thin layer of pâté using about ½ a tablespoon on each pie. Then drop the same amount of chutney onto top.
    6. Brush the outer edge with milk/egg and add a pastry lid. Pinch the sides to seal and make a small hole in the top.
    7. Cook for 20-25 minutes or until the top is golden brown