• Raffia side table
You’ll need
    • 3-ply twine
    • Marvin Medium
    • Side table with recessed top
    • Seam roller
    1. Clean the table and paint any areas that will not be twined in a suitable colour. Begin decorating the top recessed area of the table by painting a line of adhesive along one edge and laying twine from the spool along it.

    2. Glue the adjacent side and stick twine to this, holding the thread tightly at the corner to give a definite bend. Continue glueing and laying down twine in this way to build up a border around the edge of the table top. Change colour at a corner if desired.

    3. When you have created a 3cm border, use a wallpaper seam roller to completely flatten the twine into the table top. Continue to build up the edging to the desired width.

    4. Use a ruler to find the centre of the remaining space. Make a small spiral of twine and glue to the centre point. Add more glue and continue winding around the spiral until it is about 10cm across. Add spirals to either side of the first in the same way and roll flat. Fill in the space between the circles and the border with a triangle and roll the whole thing flat before coating with diluted glue.

    5. Once the table top is dry, bind the legs with a single colour of twine, tucking the ends under the adjacent coil to hold them.