• Quilted hot water bottle
You’ll need

    *Cotton fabric

    *Plain cotton lining

    *Medium-weight quilt wadding

    *A3 card for template

    *Hot water bottle

    1. Draw around your hot water bottle onto A3 card, leaving a 5cm margin all round. Fold the drawing in half and cut out to make your template. Create a panel of stripy patchwork, 43cm x 60cm, from 6cm x 60cm strips of fabric sewn together with a 5mm seam allowance.

    2. Pin the patchwork onto quilt wadding and topstitch along the seam lines. Fold the quilted panel in half, rightsides together and sew down the side, making sure the horizontal seams line up neatly. Trim away excess wadding and manoeuvre the fabric so the seam sits in the centre of the folded fabric.

    3. Place the template on top and trace around. Pin the folded layers together and stitch along the line, excluding the sides of the neck. Trim the excess fabric to a 6mm seam allowance. Use the template to cut two pieces of plain lining cotton and sew together in the same way as the quilted fabric.

    4. Turn the padded fabric right-side out and pop the lining inside. Fold over the raw edges at the neck and top of the cover, pin and slip stitch together. Roll up the empty hot water bottle sideways and slip into the cover, allowing it to unroll inside.