You’ll need
    • Configurations shadowbox,
    • Patterned paper
    • White acrylic paint
    • Gold inkpa
    1. Plan the layout of your treasures before starting. So, pick complementary papers for the compartments and work with them in the right order.

    2. Prepare the shadowbox by removing all the individual boxes and sponging the edges with white acrylic. Cover the outside of the main holding box with a patchwork of patterned papers.

    3. Measure the internal dimension of the smaller boxes’ bases and sides, then cut pieces of patterned paper to size. Check the fit of each paper piece before gluing in place, shaving a little off the dimensions if necessary.

    4. Dab a gold ink pad over the edges of the boxes to give a vintage gilt feel and replace inside the main box. Don’t be afraid of trying several different configurations – it may help to think about how you want your collection laid out (which item next to which) before you slot the boxes in place.