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Prettify Pots With Paint

Get those pots out of the shed and into the craft room with Corinne Bradd’s colourful ombre revamp. Once painted up, old tired-looking terracotta pots are given a new lease of life. This project is a quick and easy way to brighten up any patio or window box (imagine them filled with pretty geraniums). However, we also think these colourful containers are fab for storing fabric scraps and threads and would look fantastic on your crafty desk or shelf.

  • Prettify Pots With Paint
You'll Need:
    • Plain terracotta pots
    • Americana decor chalky finish paint, everlasting (white)
    • Acrylic paint, various colours
    • Wide, soft paintbrush
    1. Stir the white paint thoroughly and apply an even coat to each pot. Keep the brush strokes horizontal around the pot and avoid overbrushing.

    2. Pour some white paint into a bowl and add a little water (about 10%). Mix a very little coloured acrylic into the chalk paint to create a pale shade. Place the pot on a flat surface, load the brush with pale colour and paint a wide stripe around the pot, 5cm down from the rim. For best results, keep your hand still and rotate the pot against the brush. Reload the brush if necessary and repaint the stripe for an unbroken line around the pot.

    3. Add a little more coloured acrylic to the pale paint and paint another stripe lower down the pot, slightly overlapping the first. Continue in this way, darkening the paint each time to create an ombre effect.

    4. If the pots are to be used outside, seal the paint finish with a clear, matt, waterproof varnish.