Patchwork needle wrap

Keep your tools nice and tidy with rustic sewing essentials. You will only need small quantities of fabric, so this is a great project to use up your scrap pieces.

  • Patchwork needle wrap
You'll need
    • Fabric: Tilda, mini spot, red:mille, teal
    • Ribbon, linen, heart print
    • Felt flowers, cream
    • Buttons, pink
    • Wadding
    • Paper flowers
    • Thread: embroidery, machine
    1. Cut two spotty rectangles, 12cm x 14cm, and two floral, 10cm x 12cm. Lay 14cm of heart ribbon across the centre of a spotty piece. Make a small loop out of the linen cord and pin it to one end of the ribbon.

    2. Fold a spotty rectangle over itself, with the right sides of the fabric facing, then pin and stitch around the edge, leaving a gap in one of the edges. Turn to the right-side through the gap and ease out the corner, then press and slipstitch it closed. Repeat the process with the floral rectangles, omitting the ribbon and cord.

    3. Lay a prepared floral rectangle onto the back of the spotty one. Draw a line along the spine of the case and stitch. Finally, sew a pink button onto the ribbon at the opposite end of the loop, then fold the case along the spine and fasten.