Patchwork love hearts

With a few fabric swatches, a little fibre filling and a length of ribbon, you can add a splash of colour to your home in just a matter of minutes. These adorable hanging hearts use beautiful Soul Blossom prints by Amy Butler, for an Indian summer feel.

  • Patchwork love hearts
You will need
    • Fabric: cotton, assorted prints,
    • 10.5cm x 32cm, three
    • Fibre filling
    • Ribbon, narrow, coordinating
    • Fibre filling

    9cm x 14cm

Stitch a hanging heart
    1. Cut each printed fabric into 3.5cm wide strips to create nine in total. Arrange the strips of fabric in an alternating pattern. Stitch together on the long edges with a 5mm seam allowance, and press all the seams.

    2. Cut a folk style heart template from card and trace around this onto the fabric panel, flipping the template over top to bottom to trace the second shape close to the first, avoiding waste.

    3. Pin the two hearts right sides together and stitch around the edge leaving a 3cm gap for turning. Turn out, press and stuff.