• Patchwork draft excluder
You’ll need

    *Fabric in your chosen colours


    *Stones or sand

    *Sealable freezer bags



    *Polyfibre wadding

    *Sewing machine


    1. Get your chosen fabric for the patchwork front. Cut six rectangles measuring 16cm x 20cm. Draw onto card the shapes you want to appliqué, and cut them out. Use these as templates and cut out the fabric shapes.

    2. Appliqué the fabric shapes onto the rectangles using a zigzag stitch on your machine. Work out the order you want your patchwork pieces to be set out.

    3. Get the rectangles and, using them length ways (joining the 20cm edges), sew a straight line to join them about 1cm from the edge. Repeat this until all the rectangles are joined together to make a long strip.

    4. Press out the seams of the patchwork pieces so they’re flat on the back. Use this piece to cut out a back section. It should be exactly the same size. Pin these two together with the patchwork face down and sew around the edge leaving a small gap (about 10cm) at the bottom in the centre. Stuff the excluder with wadding. Ensure you really pack in the stuffing to make it firm.

    5. Now fill a few freezer bags with stones or sand (make sure it’s dry!) and carefully place these weights in the bottom of your excluder and see how it sits on the floor; you may need to reposition them. To finish, hand sew the gap closed using a ladder stitch.