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Patch Up An Embroidery Hoop

Make our cover project from issue 44! This patchwork embroidery hoop is a real showstopper that can perfectly decorate a blank space in your home.

  • Patch Up An Embroidery Hoop
You'll Need:
    • Embroidery hoop, 26cm diameter
    • Acrylic paint
    • Cotton fabric scraps
    • Plain backing fabric
    1. Paint the outer hoop of an embroidery frame with two coats of acrylic and leave to dry. Cut a square of backing fabric that will cover the inner hoop with a 3cm overlap on all sides.

    2. Lay out your fabric scraps face-up and remove any that don’t coordinate. Sew two of the smallest scraps right sides together along one edge with a 5mm seam allowance.

    3. Open out the fabric and finger press the seam to one side. Use a perspex rule and rotary cutter to square up one edge of the bi-colour piece before placing a third piece face-down. Sew on the squared up side, open out and press as before.

    4. Trim the end of the third piece in line with the rest of the block before adding a fourth. Continue adding scraps in this way, stitching small pieces end to end to make a larger section that fits the side of the ever-increasing block.

    5. Stop when it’s 10cm square and begin making other blocks in the same way until you have enough to easily cover the backing fabric. Ensure the edges of the blocks are square before sewing them together to make one whole panel.

    6. Press the patchwork and place onto the backing fabric, trimming the edges of the top layer to the same size as the backing. Stitch the two pieces together with zigzag stitch around all edges. Place the fabric in the embroidery frame and tighten. Fold the excess fabric to the reverse and tack down onto the backing fabric only.