• Party Invitation
You’ll need
    • Cream card and paper
    • Purple feathers
    • Wooden cocktail sticks
    • Gold wired cord
    • Gold star confetti
    • Hole punch
    • Hot glue gun
    • 3M Spray Mount
    • Computer
    • Pencil, craft knife, cutting mat and rule
    1. Cut the cream card into A5 size. On a computer type out your invitation, choosing a suitable font, and centre align the text. Place a box around the text, slightly smaller than the A5 card and print out on cream paper in a purple shade.

    2. Cut around the edge of the box, then stick this using spray adhesive to the centre of the cream card. Trim the end of a feather into a point; you may want to trim a little off the length as well, remember you will need all the invitations to look uniform.

    3. Using a hot glue gun, stick the feather to the end of a cocktail stick, then fix a gold star to the base of the feather. Tie a bow in a length of wired gold cord, then stick this below the star.

    4. Make two holes at the top left-hand corner in which to thread the feathered cocktail stick. Write your message inside and hand to your recipients.