Papercone Wreath

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ faster than the sight of a decorated fir tree; hang baubles, ornaments and handmade paper trinkets to transform your home into a magical space

  • Papercone Wreath
You’ll need
    • Sheet music
    • Green paper
    • Stiff card
    • Quilling tool
    • Hot glue gun
    • PVA glue
    • Compass and penci
    1. Cut a 20cm diameter circle of stiff card to use as a base. Use a pencil and compass to mark out a concentric circle, 4cm from the middle as a guideline. Trim several pages of sheet music into 9cm squares and roll each piece into a cone, securing with PVA glue.

    2. Arrange the cones onto the card circle, placing the points against the pencil line, and glue down securely. Cut smaller squares of green paper and roll into cones, as before. Place these in a concentric circle over the sheet music to form a second layer.

    3. Cut leftover sheet music into circular pieces. Trim each circle into a spiral and slot the outer end in the a quilling tool. Roll the spiral tightly around the tool and release to form a rose. Secure the rolled petals with a dab of hot glue and fix to the centre of the wreath, as shown.