• Paper tealight lanterns
You’ll need
    • Velum paper, A4 size
    • Narrow double-sided tape
    • Masking tape
    • Ruler, craft knife and cutting mat
    • Pinking shears
    • Different sized hole punches
    • Hammer
    • Small jam jars and tea lights
    1. Stick the template provided online to your cutting board, then position and secure a sheet of velum over the top with masking tape, being careful to marry up the side, top and base edges. Turn your craft knife upside down to the blunt side and score along all the lines marked on the template.

    2. Cut away the small area at the left-hand base of the template. Next, create a pattern with your holepunches using the circle on the template as a guide. Make a hole in the centre, then punch smaller holes and slots along the lines.

    3. Remove the velum from the cutting board and, using pinking shears, cut along the top edge to form a decorated finish, then fold along all the scored lines. Stick a strip of doublesided tape to the narrow flap along the left-hand edge, stick this flap to the opposite edge, fold in the base of the bag and secure with a small piece of double-side tape. Finally place a tea light in the jam jar and the jar inside the bag.