• Paper tea bag pockets
You’ll need
    • 15cm square paper sheets, six Scalpel
    • Double-sided tape
    • Rubber stamp and ink
    • Felt-tipped pen
    • Fine string
    • Brass paper fasteners, six
    1. Transfer the online template to six sheets of patterned paper, 15cm square. Line the pattern up diagonally, otherwise it won’t fit.

    2. Cut out each of the tea bag wraps. Score lightly with a scalpel along the dotted lines and fold the flaps. Use the leftover paper to cut out little tags. Write on the relevant tea flavour and attach it to the wrap with double-sided tape, as shown.

    3. Print an ornate design in the corner of three of the wraps. Mark out a point on the front of wrap and push in a brass paper fastener. Fold a small length of string and attach it to the underside of the front flap and hook it around the fastener.