Paper garland

Decorate your mantelpiece or staircase with a paper garland for a quick and easy festive fix

  • Paper garland
You’ll need
    • Kraft card
    • Sheet music
    • Eyelets and setter
    • Twine
    1. Make simple curly decorations from 1.5cm strips of card and paper cut into decreasing lengths. Join a stack of strips at one end with an eyelet, ensuring the shortest pieces are in the middle. Line up the free ends to make the strips bulge out and secure with a second eyelet.

    2. Make woven paper balls from two strips of kraft card, 4cm x 30cm. Cut each strip down the centre, leaving 1cm uncut at one end. Trim the edges of the un-slit end at a sloping angle. Weave one strip into the other so the uncut end acts as a stopper. Begin plaiting the separate strips and allow the paper to curl over itself.

    3. After four rows of plait you should be able to manoeuvre the ends of the weave inside the ball that is forming. Weave the ends of each strip into the plait that has already been made and pull tightly to create a neat rounded cube. Ensure all ends are woven in, trimming away any excess.